Make a Splash with Mermaid Hair

Awash with a sea of blues, greens and everything in between, luscious mermaid locks have been causing quite the stir lately- and it’s not hard to see why. Showstopper shades are gradually blended to create mystical, ocean-inspired masterpieces. Thinking of taking the plunge? This vibrant style will need extra effort to maintain, but such gorgeous sea-goddess goodness is easily worth it.

To get siren-worthy tresses, hair needs to be pre-lightened so that your colours really pop. Blue and green mermaid heads especially will need a pure white base to prevent murky browns from seeping through to the finished product. Box bleach can be a budget option for the already fair-haired (or the very brave) but if you’re thinking about heading down this path take heed: the dangers of serious damage to (or even frying[!]) your hair can be permanent. An experienced colourist is always the best option not only to prep, but also to protect your hair throughout the colouring process. Available only through professionals, holy-grail treatments like Olaplex help maintain the integrity of the hair, preventing dreaded hair fry and allowing your colourist to push the hair further in a single session. And less time bleaching? Means more time swanning about in all your mermaid glory.

So now you’re bleached, beautiful and, after seeing your brand-new platinum blonde look, maybe a little apprehensive. Never fear! Here comes the moment you’ve been waiting for – bright brilliant mermaid colour. An experienced colourist will design your ‘do to suit your style and colouring, with professional layering the key to creating that flawless just-stepped-out-of-a-seashell style. The best part of mermaid hair? There’s no way to go wrong. Whether you’re taking on gorgeous blues and greens, lush purples or even a pop of peach, the gradient style means that either complementary or contrasting colours will look stunning on almost any hair length. From here it’s just a quick rinse, style and trim of your tresses and you’re ready to wow the world.

In order to keep turning heads long after you’ve left the salon, your brand-new mermaid locks will need extra TLC to keep them in tip-top condition. Stylist-approved treatments such as the at-home Olaplex kit, as well as keratin-based protein packs and quality sulphate-free products will help retain your glow. Your colourist can direct you towards treatments best suited to your hair colour and type. As with most bright styles, the most important step you can take to protect your curls is taking it slow on the shampoo- washing only one to two times a week in cool-to-tepid water will help preserve that precious colour. Protection from sunlight and excessive heat damage is also a must. And as for sirens returning to the sea (or just the swimming pool), drenching your locks in fresh water before taking a dip helps mitigate the fading effect of the salt and chlorine.

Even with the most diligent efforts your mermaid tresses will require touching up every few weeks to retain that freshly-coloured feel, though that’s no reason to stay the same shade. With an already brightened base, the way mermaid hair evolves over time makes it so much easier – and more exciting – to experiment with. A word of advice? Embrace the fade. Due to its blended nature, fading mermaid locks can morph through a whole pastel palette before you feel the need to refresh. Sea green to mint? Fuchsia to rose? Teal to baby blue? Or something completely new? You take your new mermaid look and you rock it.